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amy-eisele-and-donNCARHOF Donates to Iredell SCAN

Mooresville, NC (October 21, 2016) NCARHOF’s Don Miller presented Amy Eisele, Executive Director of Iredell County SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now) with a check.  SCAN services the Iredell County area offering support for children and families through education, counseling and intervention programs.  NCARHOF museum tours and merchandise sales income has helped support SCAN for the last 20 years. NCARHOF is operated by a dedicated staff made up of 100% volunteers.  You can help us in supporting our community by becoming a volunteer or donating now!

Richard Childress and NCARHOF’s own Don Miller are the Newest Hall of Fame Inductees!

Mooresville, NC (October 5, 2016) NASCAR Sprint Cup car owner Richard Childress and Don Miller, the board chairman of NCARHOF and co-founder of Penske Racing South, were inducted into the prestigious N.C. Auto Racing Hall of Fame on October 5, 2016.  Both were honored with the unique in-ground sidewalk plaques that are part of the NCARHOF’s “Walk of Fame” located in Downtown Mooresville.  Read more…  Photo below of courtesy of Mooresville Tribune.



Mooresville, NC (June 10, 2016)  We are happy to announce the recent arrival of a 1970 Ford Torino convertible Pace Car powered by a 429 Cobra Jet Engine.

This pace car has only 180 miles on the speedometer and is one of only eight specifically built by the Ford Motor Company.  Owner, Hohn Church graciously supplied the car for display.

Ford Torino Pace Car



Mooresville, NC (March 14) Don Miller, the Chairman of the North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame and Jim Turner, Executive Director of the North Carolina Drag Racing Hall of Fame announced today that the NC Auto Racing Hall of Fame will be expanding it’s facility by more than  1500 square feet to house historical drag racing vehicles and memorabilia.

“This will be a great day for all drag racing participants and especially the fans”, beamed  Turner. “Now the visitors to the North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame will be able to enjoy every aspect of both oval track and drag racing history, all housed in one beautiful complex.”

“I am as excited about this project as is Jim Turner,” exclaimed Miller. “We currently have a small area that showcases drag racing history. With this expansion project we will be giving the sport the respect that it deserves.” To kick off the project Miller plans to have a special drag racing month in September of this year with a car show and a fundraiser. Many of the current members of the North Carolina Drag Racing Hall of Fame, which was started in 2007, plus many of the current stars of the sport, will be on hand to meet the fans and pass out special souvenir merchandise.

Founded in 1994 The North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame is a foundation dedicated to the enhancement of the rich heritage of all forms of motorsports. As a privately funded organization the proceeds from the operation of the North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame are donated annually to organizations such as the Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) and the Stocks for Tots which provides hundreds of new toys for children in December.  NCARHOF Chairman Don Miller was the first recipient of the NASCAR Humanitarian Award for his charitable efforts.

The North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame is located in the Lakeside Industrial Park on 119 Knob Hill Road at exit 36 on Interstate Highway 77. Its open weekdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Visit or call 704-663-5331 for more information.

Daytona Speed Week

Daytona Speed Week –  NCARHOF Board Members receive honors for their contributions to racing in Daytona, FL from the Victory Lane Racing Association.  Don Miller’s award was the “Pioneer in Racing” presented by our own Board of Directors Member Ray “Razoar” Wallace. John Dodson was the “Red Vogt Mechanics & Engineering” award presented by Red Vogt’s Daughter, June Wendt.

Well done Gentleman! It is an honor to have the both of you helping to keep racing history alive at the NCARHOF.