Group Tours

NCARHOF offers special group tours year-round!  From corporate outings, to educational trips, to Media FAM tours, to special group visits – we can accommodate your needs. Reservations for all group tours are required in advance.  To reserve your group tour, call (704) 663-5331 or email us at



White Glove Tour:

The White Glove Tour is specifically designed for our sight challenged visitors.  The gloves allow them to feel details of the different race cars and equipment in a safe manner.  To experience the aerodynamic change from a 1959 Oldsmobile to a 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix, for example, can help those who may not know, better understand the dramatic advancements in stock cars.  The tour includes detailed descriptions of cars to educate how auto racing has evolved to present day technology.


Tours for Kids:

At NCARHOF, we can design a tour specific to your group.  Activities can include a scavenger hunt, “design a race car” coloring page, and an entertaining tour that educates children on stock car racing history and technological advancements.  Great for field trips!